4 Sexy Ways To Turn Him On Tonight

Some of these are fan favourite and some are our favourite

Is he always the one who sets the mood? Does he call the shots? Maybe it’s time to change things a bit. Let’s surprise your lover with these subtle and not so shy moves and get some action. Sex is all about communication and navigating these tricky moods as easily as you can. Acting coy or PDA, whichever your style, there’s something for every girl’s capability in this list.


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  • No – Clothes Matter

 The easiest way to get his attention is to wear your skimpiest pajamas or nightgown. There is bound to be some kind of body contact until the realization hits that you’re dressed to impress. Or rather the lack of clothes in bed might help progress things ahead for you.

  • Permission 

 Ask them out directly if they want to have sex with you. Simple and direct, this invitation is usually effective and helps clear out any confusion of ‘in the mood or nah’. Consent is always important and asking permission to ravage their body sexually is a good sign that you respect their wishes, And yet you’re still turned on by them.

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  • Cuddling


We’re sure it’s proven that almost 98% of innocent cuddling ends up in a sexy time in bed. Acting shy and coy while slowly rubbing your hands all over his body except where he really needs it is a good way to get things started.

  • Subtle Touches


Slide your fingertips across his arm while your whisper into his ears. Graze your butt across his lap or rub past him in a tight spot but pretend like you didn’t do that on purpose. Subtle touches usually do the trick for most people. It builds anticipation and acts like foreplay.

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