4 Reasons How Your Relationship With Your Father Could Affect Your Love Life

Afterall, every woman expects her man to be like her father!

4 Reasons How Your Relationship With Your Father Could Affect Your Love Life

It is a known fact that girls are extremely close to their fathers, well atleast in most cases if not all. Our bond with our fathers plays an important role in shaping our lives. Their presence and guidance helps us grow and be the people that we are today. While fathers are extremely protective of their darling daughters, they can also go a bit overboard when it comes to choosing a life partner for them. Believe it or not, every woman’s romantic relationship is affected by the kind of relationship she shares with her father. Here’s how!

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  • Building Romantic Relationships

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If your relationship with your father wasn’t one of the most ideal father-daughter relationships shared, it is going to make you feel wary before getting attached to a guy. A childhood without a father’s support makes it difficult for women to trust men. Such women allot very less time to romantic relationships and go ahead with one only once they have absolute faith in that person. It is difficult to gain their trust. However, if you had a stable relationship with your father, it is easier for you to meet new people and build new relationships.

  • Having A Problem With The Slightest Of Authority

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If you have an unreasonably strict father who has never given you the slightest of freedom, it is natural for you to expect a partner who is exactly the opposite. The moment you sense even an iota of chavinism or dominance in a guy, that’s the end of the story for you.

  • You End Up Dating Someone Like Your Father


Now, those of you who adore your fathers, are prone to hunt for each of their qualities in your prospective partners. You probably will end up dating someone who is exactly like your father.

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  • Setting Unrealistic Expectations From Your Partner

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Yes, your daddy might be the best man in the world but expecting your man to have every single characteristic oh his is unreasonable. Your partner and your father are two individual human beings who are prone to be different in some way or the other. Telling your partner how amazing your father is or how you wish he was like him is only going to make him lose his spark. Admire him for who he is and see the good in him. Nobody is perfect, not even your father!

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