4 Positions To Make Your Christmas Hot

What's a better Christmas gift than hot sex?

4 Positions To Make Your Christmas Hot

Christmas is here and most of you might be planning to spend your time with your partners. Bring in the this Christmas by setting the temperatures soaring along with your partner. Put your sexual repertoire to optimum use and set the carnal fire burning like never before. Gift your partner with the best Christmas present ever – hot Christmas sex! Here are 5 positions that will set the two of you’ll in the perfect mood for a kinky festive celebration.

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  • Dripping Chocolate Sex

You know what we’re talking about. Food sex! Pour some chocolate sauce down there, lie down and have your partner do your orally. Similarly, pour some over his ding-dong and lick it off. Begin by licking it off slowly and finally going for a blowjob. Afterall, it’s Christmas! Satisfying your sweet tooth is a given!

  • Hot ‘n’ Cold

Try a little ‘Fifty Shades’ trick here. Have your man lie on the bed. Handcuff him with silk or satin cloths. Now start tracing his body from his neck to the inner thighs with your fingers. This is where the surprise element comes in! Switch to ice and run it down his penis. This is going to give him a mind-blowing erection. Don’t keep the ice on for too long. Give him the ultimate orgasm with a good hand-job and by blowing his magic wand away to glory.

  • Vertical Spooning

What’s better than steamy shower sex? Stand under the shower by holding onto the neck of the nozzle for support. Slightly bend backwards and let your partner do you from behind. This is very similar to the spooning position which is performed in bed except, that the partners need to stand.

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  • The Romantic ‘X’mas

Be the ‘X’ in your Xmas. Lie down on your back and have your partner twine both his legs around one of your legs while he penetrates into you and forms an ‘x’ position. This also allows you’ll to gaze into each other’s eyes, kiss and make the session a passionate one.

Go on! Make your Christmas special.

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