4 Pieces Of Friendly Advice To Never Take

No matter how close they are, no matter how much you trust them... There are certain advises that you must not follow blindly.

4 Pieces Of Friendly Advice To Never Take

Friendly advice generally is given out of experience and concern. But it does not mean that every piece of advice is applicable for all. Certain issues of your life need to be examined and advised for by experts only, especially when they are related to your health – both physical and psychological. No matter how much you know the person, and no matter how good is the friendship you both share, do not be naive to take certain friendly advice without consulting an expert. Here are 4 pieces of friendly advice you should never take blindly.


Friendly Advises

No matter how much of a fitness freak your friend is, take his/her workout advice solely for knowledge-purpose. That person may or may not know about your medical conditions. Medical history, your family’s hereditary illnesses, if any, and your current medical conditions must be considered while planning your workout routine. Make sure you consult a certified fitness expert and trainers for the same.

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Dietary Habits 

Dietary Habits 

Always remember that your food habits make your health and your physical health determines your food intake. This formula is fundamental but most of us overlook this. To know the diet suitable for you, it is necessary to pathologically understand various hormonal functions, functions of digestive enzymes, requirements and excessiveness of nutrients in your body, as well as levels of certain components in your blood. Food allergies too are not uncommon nowadays. Therefore, do not jump on to a diet simply because a friend is on it.



There is always that person in every social circle that is a self-proclaimed prescriber of medicine. Mention any common illness such as cold or fever to them, and they will advise you to take some medicine or the other. These medicines will definitely give you the desired result, but if they are incompatible to your body, they can lead to slow but prolonged side-effects. This can graduate to permanent damages to your vitals as well. Therefore, consume only those medicines that are prescribed by a doctor after a thorough medical check-up.

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Career and Relationships

Relationships Advises

When it comes to issues related to your career and relationships, never forget that only you and those who are directly involved are the ones who know the real deal. Friendly advice, no matter how ideal or ego-satisfying they sound, are always biased in your favour. This can easily mislead you from reality and right decisions. The only friendly advice that is sane enough to take is of listening to your instincts and intuitions.

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