4 Old Healing Remedies That Actually Work

4 Old Healing Remedies That Actually Work

As the winter season approches, so does the season of cough and cold.And as colds and cases of the flu take out otherwise healthy individuals, the rumors pick up on what  is the best way to battle the symptoms that can be cured without an expert. Yes, we are talking about the home remedies that have been coming along since our grandmother’s time or maybe since even before.

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But which home remedies actually make you feel better? Well to make your work easier we have listed down 4 old healing remedies that actually work.

1. Chicken Soup to Fight the Cold

There’s some truth to this, although it doesn’t seem to be strictly related to chicken soup only! Warm, salty fluid will help hydrate and remove mucus. It’s hard to quantify the beneficial effects of love that go into the making of this soup. It also helps if it’s packed with nutrient-rich ingredients like chicken and carrots.

2. Honey Helps to Relief a Scratchy Throat or Cough

Compared with some cough suppressants, honey can be just as effective at reducing the frequency and severity of a cough. Stir a few teaspoons of the honey into hot tea or lemon water and drink it to find relief. Just keep in mind that honey may not actually rid you of your ailment! Some sore throats require the use of antibiotics to kill a bacterial infection.

3.  Gargle With Salt Water For a Sore Throat

Hydration is key, and a little salt in the water helps the fluid penetrate and stay in the tissues when you gargle with salt water for a sore throat. A teaspoon of salt dissolved in a tall drinking glass of warm water is enough to make you feel relieved from a sever sore throat.

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4.  Neti Pots Will Help to Clear Your Nose

A steam flush can do wonders for mucus buildup! Neti pots are a way to hydrate and wash out the nasal passages. This is a reasonable way to clear mucus and hydrate the tissues at the same time.

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