4 Muscle-Toning Exercises To Achieve A Slender Frame

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4 Muscle-Toning Exercises To Achieve A Slender Frame

While people tend to exercise to lose weight, many of them forget that it is important not only to be thin but to be in good shape. What helps you achieve a good shape is toning your muscles and sculpting your body in a way where it flaunts curves where needed but does not hoard excess fat in areas like the stomach and arms which tend to determine the overall shape of your body. Here are 4 effective exercises to tone your body correctly.

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  • Chest Flye


This exercise will help you tone your arms and strengthen your upper core. Lie down flat on your back. Hold a dumbbell of 4 kilograms in each of your hands. Hold them vertically above your chest after which you are required to spread your arms apart and bring them back together. Repeat this at a steady pace 15 times. Practice 3 sets of 15 chest flyes on a daily basis.

  • Plie Squats


Slightly difficult compared to the other exercises listed here, plie squats target your glutes and help you achieve a toned butt as well as toned legs. You are needed to stand with your feet wider apart than your shoulders. The next step to do would be to bend upto 90 degrees in your knees. Make sure that your toes face sideways. You are also needed to hold weight in your hands. It may be dumbbells or a kettleball which weigh atleast 4 kilos. Follow a steady pace of squatting and standing back up. Practice 3 sets of fifteen squats everyday.

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  • Boat Pose


This is a very simple exercise where all you need to do is lie back on a flat surface and raise your legs as well as upper body in a semi-circle and balancing yourself on your butt. Your fingers and toes should be pointed and your neck aligned to your back. Position your hands straight in front towards your raised up thighs. Stay in that position for about 5-10 seconds and steadily sink back and place your legs as well as back on the floor. Practice three sets of ten everyday. This will exercise your abs and help you build a strong core.

  • Planks


Lie flat on your stomach, stretch your hands above your head. Now, slightly raise your body by balancing yourself on your toes and hands. You need to bend your arms and place your palms on the ground. This helps in toning your arms and achieving a flat belly. It promotes the body’s balancing skills and tones your muscles which ensures an efficient weight-loss.

Practice these exercises everyday and you shall see the difference!

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