4 Issues That Every Parent Of A Teenager Will Face

Parenting requires a lot of patience and strength. It is a challenging but rewarding journey, especially when your kid has grown up to be a teenager. New Woman shares the secret to solve 4 issues with teenager kids.

4 Issues That Every Parent Of A Teenager Will Face

Being a parent to a teenager is no easy task. While it’s important to keep a check on their habits and routines, it’s also necessary to make sure you don’t have an iron fist over their lives. Here are four issues that parents of teenagers may face while their child is growing up.

Your teen does not stick to curfew: How late is too late? While youngsters believe they have grown up enough to take care of themselves and must not be stopped from enjoying themselves with their friends, irrespective of what time of the day or night it is, parents think otherwise. If you want your teen to adhere to curfew, then set reasonable ones. Be sincere when you are explaining why you are imposing time restriction on them. At the same time, do not be rigid. Give them 15-minute grace period. If they are out for academics purpose, ensure you get them home yourself after their work is complete. This way, you will not face resistance from your teen.

Your teen is Glued to social networking sites: One of the most common grouses that parents have is that their teen is forever glued to the internet or his/her mobile, thereby not spending quality time with people in the real world. While it’s important for parents to regulate what their teens browse on the net, it’s also necessary to not overwhelm them with instructions. As long as your teen is not lagging behind in studies and is social at home, don’t annoy him/her with your rules. It’s okay to be on social media or take calls from friends before bedtime. You can install parental control software to ensure they do not misuse the freedom.

You don’t approve of your teen’s social circle: Children are bound to defend their chosen peer group. When children enter adolescence, they employ a way of looking at the world in which their friends are more important than anybody else. So, if you criticise or attack their friends, you’re really just making the relationship stronger. State what you don’t like about his/her friends’ behaviour and keep your observations on an objective level.

Your teen seems to detest you: This is common when a child is entering adolescence. Parents must understand that unless and until there are very solid reasons for them to worry about this behaviour of their teen, they should ignore it as part of their growing up. If your teen is hurling abuses or is acting nasty, then take him/her to a counselor.



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