4 Interesting Ways To Use Instagram For Travel Planning

Got bore of 'Googling' before going on a trip? Try 'Instagraming' and experience a better way of exploring new places before travellin

4 Interesting Ways To Use Instagram For Travel Planning

Planning your trip in advance is getting easier with travel-enabling websites and apps being available to hand. Instagram is one such treasure trove, which can be used to check out locations and fellow traveller’s feedback.

Follow Locals

Following a local, especially someone who shares your interests, is a great way of receiving tips and trivia about the place you want to visit. Do a quick online search on the top Instagram accounts of the city you are planning to visit. Browse through their feed and follow them to stay updated on the best ways to get an authentic taste of your destination.

Put The ‘Social’ In Social Media

The key is to follow accounts, which will encourage people to return the attention. This will also prompt related accounts to follow, allowing you to discover local advice and vacation tips.

Explore Hashtags
Exploring hashtags that are popular in potential travel destinations is a handy way of tapping into featured festivals, tourist attractions and gourmet options. A simple click will reveal all the posts users have put up about the hashtag. Planning a trip to Bali? Just search for #bali and you’ll be able to see where most people are partying, what are the most scenic spots, what you should be eating and where you should be shopping.

Direct Message
You can even send a direct message to an account after following it for some time for quick queries and useful suggestions. Most Instagram users who post avidly on food, travel and shopping are welcoming and eager to help their followers out.


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