4 Homemade Conditioners For Perfect Hair

4 Homemade Conditioners For Perfect Hair

Whether it is skin or hair, home remedies are always the best option as it doesn’t have any side effects. It can be made by things available to you without many efforts. You don’t have to fall into the trap of buying conditioners based on chemicals. Let’s see the easy way to make conditioners in the comfort of your home.

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1. Aloe vera conditioner

Ingredients: 1/4 cup aloe vera gel, half lemon juice and 3-4 drops, an essential oil of your choice.

Method: Mix half lemon juice and any essential oil of your choice in the Aloe vera gel. Put this shampoo in the hair immediately and  wash it after 3-4 minutes.

Benefits: Aloe vera is not only good for the skin but also makes the hair soft.

2. Jojoba Conditioner

Ingredients: 1 cup rose water, 1 tablespoon jojoba oil and 10 drops of vitamin E.

Method: In lukewarm rose water, add jojoba oil and vitamin E drops to it. Apply it in the hair and wash it with lukewarm water. Shampoo again and wash with cold water.

Benefits: Jojoba Oil preserves hair with the hazardous sunlight effect. Also, it makes hair healthy and soft.

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3. Henna Conditioner

Ingredients: 1 cup henna powder, 2 cups curd, 1 tsp olive oil.

Method: Mix henna (mehendi) powder, curd and olive oil well. Apply it in the hair starting from the root till the end. Wash the hair with water after an hour.

Benefits: Henna makes the hair soft and silky.

4. Super Conditioner

Ingredients: Gudhal, Genda, Mehndi, Basil leaves, Mint leaves and rose petals.

Method:: Grind all the flowers in little water and add leaves to it. Keep it in the roots of hair for an hour, then wash it with water.

Benefits: This will make the hair soft and shiny.

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