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4 Home Remedies For Glowing Skin

Though real beauty is skin deep, beautiful and glowing skin on the exterior is like an added bonus. All the more, when you can use ingredients right off your kitchen shelf to get the gorgeous-looking skin. Read along to know more!

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With increasing stress and pollution, our skin is always under too much stress. And it is during these times that our grandma’s useful skincare tips come handy. Skincare begins at home. Check out these home remedies for beautiful, glowing skin:

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  • For glowing skin: Women with dry and dull skin should make a pack of saffron and honey. Take a spoonful of honey and add a few strands of kesar in it. Mix and apply on the face. The hydrating properties of honey and the healing properties of saffron improve blood circulation, thus adding the glow back to the skin.
  • For skin brightening: Soak a few strands of kesar in milk for a good half-an-hour to let the milk get its colour as well as other benefits. Add a teaspoon of sandalwood powder to this and apply the pack on your face and neck. Leave it for 15-20 minutes before washing off. Regular use of this pack will help improve and brighten your skin tone.
  • For skin toning: A toner is used after cleansing the skin. If you want a natural one, mix saffron in rose water so the colours get blended with it. Then dab it on the face with a cotton ball. Many women add strands of saffron to hot bathing water too. This keeps the skin looking young for a longer time.
  • For removing tan: Soak some kesar strands in malai (milk cream) and steep them overnight. Blend it in the morning and apply it all over the affected area. This will lighten your tan effectively. It has the added benefit of enhancing your skin glow.

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