4 Healthy But Hearty Substitutes For Major Food Cravings

4 Healthy But Hearty Substitutes For Major Food Cravings

This cold season calls for major food cravings, especially of the juicy greasy foods! All the health-conscious foodies around go in a bad state of a major dilemma – whether to suffice the food-cravings or to ignore it for health. But don’t worry, people. New Woman is here with 4 healthy but absolutely hearty food options for you. They are not only scrumptious for your taste-buds but are also very easy and quick to prepare.

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Half-Cooked Salad Bowl 

Healthy Food

Many people might scrunch their noses on hearing the word ‘salad’ when scrumptious food is on their minds, but half-cooked salad, seasoned with herbs and condiments, is actually very satisfying! You can add a variety of vegetables such as sautéed mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, boiled and sautéed potato wedges, baby spinach leaves, sprouts, bell peppers, kale, roasted pumpkin, etc. in your salad. If you want to add more taste, you can also dribble mustard sauce, homemade tomato sauce, etc. on your salad. You can also add any protein of your choice – boiled or scrambled eggs, chicken, fish fillets, etc. Now a bowl of salad sounds taste, doesn’t it?



Who says sandwiches are only healthy and cannot satisfy a foodie’s taste-buds! You can add so many stuffs between two slices of wholewheat bread and can still call it a healthy-binge. Although you might have to cut down the mayonnaise and similar sauces for the ‘health factor’, but you can apply generous layers of homemade tomato ketchup, green chutney, etc. A slice of cheese with your favourite choice of protein will add more to your healthy sandwich. Sandwich is the perfect blend of healthy carbs and lots of fibres. And what’s more! Sandwiches are the best snacks on the go!

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Acai Bowls

Acai Bowls

Did someone say acai bowl for breakfast or a quick mid-day meal? Sim, por favor! The original recipe of acai bowl is from Brazil because the acai berries are largely grown in the country. If your palate is more towards fruits and yoghurt, acai bowl is the quickest and the best option for you. You can add literally every fruit on this planet. Really! You simply need to blend a cup of yoghurt in a blender, or add your favourite fruit to make a smoothie, and pour it in a bowl. Cut your favourite fruits in chunky pieces and add them in the bowl. You can add dry fruits and granula for some crunch. Surely, one can devour this bowl in no time! 

Rice/Wheat Ramen Soup 

Wheat Ramen Soup 

A nice steaming bowl of hot ramen soup is not only feast to your tummy but also to your eyes. Opt for the rice and/or wheat noodles instead of the usual all-purpose flour ones. Add a variety of fresh vegetables zucchini, spring onions, onions, bell peppers, cabbage, pak choi, bok choi, broccoli, tomatoe, French beans, sprouts, etc. to your bowl of ramen. Add protein of your choice – boiled/poached eggs, tofu, paneer, chicken, lamb and fish fillets (steamed and lightly sautéed in rice oil or olive oil) to it to make it even more filling. Sprinkle freshly ground black or white pepper powder, or, if you want to add more spice to the bowl, sprinkle some chilli flakes. Your favourite winter-perfect healthy and hearty food is ready!

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