4 Health Benefits Of Eating Spicy Food

Spice up your taste buds to avail umpteen health benefits!

4 Health Benefits Of Eating Spicy Food

We Indians always prefer a dash of extra spice in our food, don’t we? From Kolhapuri chicken to the ‘tikha’ Pani puri, spicy food efficiently manages to tickle our taste buds. However, it is important to know that excess of anything is bad and the same theory applies to spice. Eating measures amounts of spicy food has been proven to offer health benefits. Read more to find out.

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  • Increases life-span


Research and study in the US as well as China has proven that those who consumed spice faced lesser health issues and had a better life-expectancy than those who didn’t.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

anti inflammatory

Hot peppers have an active component called capsaicin which is anti-inflammatory in nature thus leading to reduction in swelling. It can be used to treat joint pain.

  • Weight-loss


Spices such as cayenne pepper enhance your metabolism rate which in return catalyses the process of burning those extra calories. The stimulation of brown fat with the consumption of spices is what kickstarts the process of weight-loss.

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  • Pain relief

Neurons in the brain

Capsaicin doesn’t only curb jont pain but also lessens pain caused by cuts and injuries as well as head aches. It targets a chemical substance called ‘substance P’ in the brain which is most active when we hurt ourselves. It pacifies the chemical’s activeness further decreasing the pain.

Go ahead and make a little bit of spice a part of your daily diet.

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