4 Festive Hairstyles To Try At Home

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4 Festive Hairstyles To Try At Home

Gear up your chic quotient this festive season, with the help of decorative detailing. Clasps, floral bands, ribbons, bows, hats headbands, neon snap clips. Here are a few ways to wear them for the coming festivities.

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The Scarf Band Roll


Choose a headband that is elasticated. Dry the hair with a flat brush and place the headband overhead, from one side gradually tuck hair into the elastic at nape area of headband only. Go for headbands with polka dots/geometrics/floral prints to keep the look retro aesthetic. The diffused volume texture keeps it contemporary.

Haute Headband

This is a great evening or day look depending on the choice of headband used.
The hair is given a paddle brush straight blowout, then set off with an ornate headband.  Wear it with open hair or a hair bun.

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Beach Boho

If you want to send out a sea, sand and sun-kissed vibe to make sure the hair is prepped to do so. Applying Nut oil infused Serum after shampoo and conditioner give the hair a glossy healthy reflect when the sun rays hit.  It prevents drying of the tips too so it’s an added value must! You can dip a wide-toothed comb in mousse and run it through the hair. Use large tongs to work out a loose wave. Finger break the waves, scrunch and texturize with sea salt spray.

Sleek Side Ponytail

A low ponytail that works its way to lying over the shoulder is a chic festive look that is both simple to do and effective. Using a flat iron straighten hair and defrizz. Bring hair over to one side and make a ponytail. Slide over some Macadamia Nut Oil enriched serum on the ponytail to streamline fly aways. Cover the band with a section of hair taken from the back of the ponytail.

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