4 Elegant Hairstyles For Short Hair


Be it the classic straight hair look or the trendy disheveled bob, short hair is the latest fashion fad. So if you’ve always wanted to chop it down now is the time. Here are a few styles to add style to your short hair.

1) The Twisted Bun

This particular hairstyle is easy to achieve and looks soft and feminine if accessories well.

  • Twist the hair inwards from the front hairline till the nape of the neck.
  • Once you reach there, tie a rubber band on the ends of the hair from both sides and roll the extra hair into the twists with the help of a bobby pin.

You can accessorize this style by adding real flowers or rhinestones to enhance the look.

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2) Messy Chignon

This is a popular hairstyle amongst celebrities especially with short locks.

  • All you have to do is back comb your tresses.
  • Give some e volume towards the front hairline, roll up the hair from the back and pin them up inwards with the help of bobby pins.

Voila, you are set for any occasion. The USP of this hairstyle is its disheveled appearance, so don’t fret over the loose strands.

3) Front Braid Hair

Another popular hairstyle among fashionistas with short tresses is the open hair braided in the front.

  • Divide the hair into three sections and braid from the front hairline with whichever parting you wish to.
  • Like the waterfall braid, keep leaving one section to give the locks a texted effect.

This style looks usually great on straight, fine hair which is cut in a bob.

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4) Twist and Tuck

This hairstyle looks classy and this hairstyle will have you turning heads all night.

  • You’re going to be creating three “knots” down the center of your head.
  • Pull the top third of your hair back and divide into two sections.
  • Twist them around each other then tease the twist with a comb.
  • Tuck it under itself to create the appearance of a twisted knot, then secure with a bobby pin and spray in place.
  • Repeat with the second third of your hair, then the final third. Pull a few pieces loose to soften the style, spray one more time.

This is a simple holiday up do for short, straight hair.

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