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4 Edible Oils That Can Be Used As Lubricants For Better Sex

Due to physical or psychological stress, there can be a chance of lack of natural lubrication during intercourse. Nevertheless, what to do when such a situation arises, or when you want to enhance your pleasure? Fret not. Here are five absolutely safe, natural lubricants that anyone can use to enjoy the act without any obstacle.

Almond Oil


Though technically any sweet edible oil is absolutely fine to experiment as a lubricant in intercourse, sweet almond oil has one more benefit – its smell complements the already existing sexual drive.

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Virgin Coconut Oil


We bet there is nothing that a coconut oil cannot do! And among all the other benefits of the sacred oil, one is that one can use this oil as a lubricant during sexual intercourse. Considered to be supreme in natural lubes, and due to its anti fungal properties, virgin coconut oil prevents any fungal infections in vagina.

Virgin Olive Oil


If facing from issues of vaginal dryness during intercourse, virgin olive oil is one of the best options. Though it not advisable to use this oil while using latex condoms, but the benefits of this oil is not only for the betterment of the act but also for vaginal care for the long run.

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Mustard Oil


Mustard oil has anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Mustard oil is particularly thicker than the other edible oils, hence, using it during sex as a lube will definitely be more effective. And also, given the various beneficial properties of the oil, one can safeguard his/her genitals for the long run.

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