4 Daring Sex Positions To Try In Bed

4 Daring Sex Positions To Try In Bed

Want to spice up your relationship a little and try something different than regular sex in your bedroom? If you are brave hearted, daring and flexible enough then you must surely give a try these 5 daring sex positions. Get yourself into one of these hardcore sex positions but remember to stretch first!

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1. G-Force

Bend your knees, sit on your heels and then lie all the way back. Use a pillow for your head/back if you can’t get all the way there. Your partner mounts you on all fours. If your legs don’t go numb, you will get some well-aimed internal stimulation, and you’ll have hands free for clit access.

2. Lifted Up

Lie on you back and lift your legs up. That’s the only job you got to do. He stands at your feet, lifts your legs and hoists your hips up to his so that he can mount you. Its better if stands against the wall, so that he can hold you for longer time.

3. Modified Piledriver

Piledriver is a bit difficult to perform in real life, so we have modified the position a bit for you!  Lie on a couch with your butt up on the top of the back cushions and your head hanging off the front of the front cushions. Your partner stands over you, feet on the seat cushion, bending his knees and holding on to the back of the couch. Can you already imagine how hot this is going to get?

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4. Deep Lunge

Pull out your flexible skills for this you-on-top position. Your partner lies flat on their back, you get on top with one leg straight down between theirs and the other bent so your foot is beside their chest. You’ll have more leverage and power, plus you can grind if you wish to.

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