4 Creative Ways To Have Really Good Bathroom Sex

Bathroom sex  is probably on most of the couples “to do list”. But with all those soap and bubbles, confined and small spaces and running water it can be a little dangerous to pull off the move. If these problem are keeping you from putting that tick on your to-do list, know that you can still get it in your bathroom without the risk of  a slip and fall.


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Wondering how to do that? Well, here are 4 ways in which you could have a really good bathroom sex.

1. Sink It In

The bathroom sink could probably become an ideal place to give and receive suff. Make sure that the sink is fiemly attached so it could take your full weight. Sit in the bowl with your legs apart at your partners waist level. He stands over the sink and penetrates while you wrap your legs around your partners butt for deep penetration.

2. Toilet Seat Step Up

This is a pretty easy position for your bathroom session. Put the toilet seat down and place your one leg on top of the seat. Your partner holds you around the waist while he entres you from the back. Hold onto the wall for some extra support as he thrusts you.

3.  Water Burst

If you looking for some oral pleasure, then the sink is possibly the best place to recieve some. You sit in the bowl with your legs spread wide apart while the your partner kneels on the bathroom tiles and goes to town with their tongue, fingers and maybe even a cute little vibrator.

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4. Tango Toilet

Your partner sit down on the toilet seat and then you mount on him facing away, reverse cowgirl style, and grind and rock for some deep pentration. Two thing great about this style, you got the control and both of you can as well enjoy watching yourself if you have a strategically placed bathroom mirror.

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