4 Bollywood Actresses Who Shut Their Trollers Up With Complete Sass

Not only are these divas bold and beautiful but also exceptionally witty when it comes to standing up for themselves and shutting their haters up!

4 Bollywood Actresses Who Shut Their Trollers Up With Complete Sass

There has been a chain of incidents where actresses have been body-shamed time and again for the type of clothes they wear and the degree of skin they reveal. From the desi girl gone international, Priyanka Chopra to the gorgeous Esha Gupta, all of them have experienced the petty-mindedness of the unfortunately yet existent gender-prejudiced section of the society. Trollers have the cheek to comment on these celebrities’ public posts but our b-town beauties have successfully mastered the art of handling such trolls gracefully. Let’s have a look at the kick-ass replies some of our ladies gave back!

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  • Priyanka Chopra


After being trolled for wearing a dress while meeting Prime Minister Modi and being called a whore for having no respect towards the Prime Minister, Piggy Chops felt no need to justify herself. Instead, she uploaded another picture with her mother where the two of them are seen flaunting their legs. She captioned her picture stating, “Legs for days…. #itsthegenes with @madhuchopra nights out in #Berlin#beingbaywatch.”  Priyanka surely knows how to send out a strong message in very few words and a picture that manages to hit the bull’s eye (the target audience being the trollers in this case).

Deepika Padukone

deepika final 2


deepika 2


deepika final

The ‘Ram Leela’ actress has been a subject of controversy lately where she posed for the cover of an international men’s magazine. She chose to upload a picture from the shoot on her Instagram which led way to an alley of comments that questioned her decency and slut-shamed her. Not only men, it is depressing to see women defame women. What was Deepika’s reaction to all of this?  She chose to keep quiet and give it back to her haters by uploading another picture from the shoot. Afterall, a picture speaks a thousand words and Deepika reflected her unabashed attitude just the right way.

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  • Esha Gupta




The actress sizzled in the latest lingerie photoshoot. She has gone ahead and posed boldly with and without clothes on. As expected by the actress she was tremendously slut-shamed and was subjected to abusive language on social media where her pictures have gone viral. The beauty broke her silence about all the displeasure that she has been facing online in an interview with a well-known newspaper where she said, “And who are these people who have ‘issues’ with my pictures? It’s my body and it’s been shot aesthetically. There’s a thin line, which if you cross, you look vulgar. No one can say my pictures are vulgar. I got more love than hate, but it’s better to be hated than to be forgotten. And right now, I’m in my best shape. Although we knew where this could lead, we thought, ‘If not now, then when?” She further stated, “Men tend to have a problem if a woman goes bold. Their manhood is challenged. They are prudes; they must have even saved these pictures on their phone. And here we are in the country of Ajanta and Ellora, and Kamasutra, objecting to a woman’s photo-shoot, which she has done on her own will. So, my attitude is, ‘Screw them’, and that’s the point I wanted to make. The pictures turned out so beautiful that I didn’t want to hold them back. The thing is that I’ve been comfortable and confident about my body all along.” To end things she resorted to the same method as Deepika did and uploaded additional shoot pictures, indirectly telling her haters that she is a woman and she will do as she please with her body as nobody has the right to tell a woman what to wear and what not to while men flaunt their chests gloriously and gain laurels of laud for the same.

  • Fatima Sana Shaikh


The ‘Dangal’ actress was the new target of the faceless bullies who are spread all over the internet. As soon as she uploaded a picture in a swimsuit on Instagram, there was a shower of negative comments from misogynist self-declared preservers of Islam who called her names for uploading a body-revealing image during the time of Ramazan. The actress who chose to ignore all the comments, kept away from the criticism with her head held high. She did not bother to indulge in a conversation with the so-called protectors of her religion as she abided by her decision of keeping mum. It reflects the actress’s composed and confident attitude towards herself where she is way above all of it to even bother to strike a counterargument against the imbecile and regressive sect of the society.

Aren’t these women excessively inspirational and cool? While some give it back to their haters with impactful replies, some let their silence speak for itself. In some way or the other, these women have accepted the fact that haters will hate. However, it is high time that the society pulls itself out from its self-dug pit of backwardness and aims at stopping the shame that women are subjected to every now and then.

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