4 Beauty Hacks That Will Drastically Transform Your Appearance

If you get intimidated by the process of applying make-up, fret not, it’s actually a very fun experience! Here is a breakdown of how you can target every aspect of your face and make it look its absolute finest!

4 Beauty Hacks That Will Drastically Transform Your Appearance

Make-up can completely transform your face and make you feel more confident about your appearance, all while it helps in accentuating your facial features. Here’s how you can look your best at all times.

For flawless skin
Start with a good moisturiser and use a very light layer of foundation. You could hide blemishes with a concealer that is your shade instead of adding more layers of foundation. Use a good primer so the makeup has something to adhere to and last longer. The T-zone needs to be powdered but avoid powdering the cheeks.

For fuller lips
Outline just outside the lips with a pale lip gloss that matches your natural lip colour. This automatically gives your lips a fuller shape. Then fill in the lip with a darker colour gloss. Over time, the darker colour will fade gently into the pale gloss and your lips will look full and sensual.

For playing up your eyes
Use the mascara very close to the roots of the top lashes. Do not apply mascara from the roots to the end of the lower lashes. Use brown mascara on the lower lashes—even if you use black on the top lashes—as the lighter the colour, the better lift it gives to the eyes. You could also line your eyes with a dark brown liner as over time it moves and smudges into the lashes, resulting in a very sexy eye that looks powerful without being aggressive.

For a flushed look
Understanding your complexion is essential for you to have healthy and glowing skin. Hues of peach blush go perfectly with the Indian skin type as it neutralises the grey tone. There are a range of blushes available that are absolutely ideal for the flushed look. You can emphasise the apple of your cheeks by blending in peach and pink shades.





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