3 Ways To Strengthen Your Bones

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Bones

Bones are the basic structure that is holding up your body. So if you have weak bones, you’ll directly be having weaker health and immune system. Bettering your bone health and providing them with nutrition is highly important. Although exercise is equally necessary, consume particular foods in your diet to get the right kind of vitamins needed for your bones. Read on to know 3 easy tips on what you should eat to get stronger bones.

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  • Calcium


We all know this simple fact- Calcium is best for your bones and teeth. All dairy products such as milk, parmesan cheese, butter, yogurt, and tofu are good sources of calcium. Other foods like egg yolks, mushrooms and kale are also useful to boost bone health.

Poppy seeds, sesame, chia, and celery contain good proteins and healthy fats that help boost bone nutrition. Almonds and amaranth seeds are also equally rich in calcium needed for the body. A handful of different kinds of beans and lentils increase up to 25% of your daily calcium quota.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D

The biggest source of vitamin D is sunlight which promotes calcium aka bone health. Other than soaking up some much-needed sunrays, include these in your diet. This fat-soluble vitamin is easily viable in dairy products like milk, tofu, cheese, eggs, as well as in mushrooms.

Fishes such as mackerels, herrings, tuna, and salmon are rich in Vitamin D. Exercise and yoga while maintaining this diet will ensure strong bones.

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  • Vitamin K

Vitamin K

Fruits such as prunes, kiwis, avocados, blackberries, grapes, figs, tomatoes and veggies like mushrooms, kale, and other green leafy vegetables are good sources of calcium of Vitamin K which promotes and boosts bone nutrition.

Cashews, walnuts pine nuts, and hazelnuts are rich in Vitamin K as well. Butter and cheese are overall boosters for bones with plenty of calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K.

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