3 Ways To Ensure Your Foundation Isn’t Cakey

3 Ways To Ensure Your Foundation Isn’t Cakey

If you apply makeup incorrectly, your face you could end up looking cakey and blotchy. But sometimes you might have notice even after doing everything right you still happen to end up with a cakey face. Well this might be happening because the problem lies in your skin and not how you apply makeup. Check out this 3 steps to ensure you don’t end up with a cakey face next time.

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1. Taking proper care of your skin

This is the most important thing you need to do before you apply makeup.If your skin isn’t healthy there’s no way your make up could look flawless. Follow these 4 steps everyday religiously and say hello to a healthy and glowing skin from within

  • Dirt clogs onto your pore and makes you skin apply blotchy. Exfoliating and cleansing your skin will help to remove the dirt and dead skin cells from your skin.
  • After exfoliating use a good quality cleanser that suits you skin type.
  • Using a toner after you after you have cleansed your skin will help to seal the pores, so that the dust and dirt particles do not seep into it easily.
  • Once all that is done use a moisturiser to provide the moisture to your skin and as well prevent it from drying out.

2. Choose the right formula

Different skin types require different foundations and even different formulas. The key to a perfect base makeup is to use the right type of foundation. Dry skin requires to be hydrated and needs a foundation that’ll provide a dewy finish. Combination skin deals with both dry and oily skin, so you need to look for a foundation that provides a partial-matte look, that’ll moisture your skin and as well help your oily T-zone area. Oily skin definitely requires a matte foundation, to ensure a shine free complexion.

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3.  Use and blot

The application of foundation depends from face to face. A clear face requires much less foundation than one who is suffering from acne. Choose the amount of foundation required depending on your skin. Applying too much foundation unnecessarily will definitely make your face cakey. Once done applying foundation, lightly blot to remove the excess. This will pick up any left-over product and make your face appear flawless.

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