3 Ways You Can Style Ribbed Outfits This Season!

We like this ribbed trend!

3 Ways You Can Style Ribbed Outfits This Season!

It’s time to bring back that 70’s look – ribbed clothes! Trendy and alluring, ribbed outfits are made for stress-free styling and is relatively easier to experiment around. Any body shape and size, ribbed clothes always end up looking great on anyone. From knit tops to dresses, ribbed has made its way into all facets of fashion. Wear it to work or for a club night, you’ll still look great in this trend. Read on to find out how to style your ribbed garments for any looks.

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  • Ribbed Dresses / Gowns

You can wear this to work on a lazy day or opt for a body-hugging one for date nights. Sexy and simple, ribbed dresses and gowns are meant to show off your curves. Horizontal lines running across the dress will give the illusion of length and make you look taller than usual. Add a pair of stiletto heels or ankle boots to look sophisticated. Remember to keep pick accessories that highlight your face and arms. This will maintain balance in your outfit. When picking statement jewelry or any accessories, go for solid colors and metals which will provide contrast to your dress.

  • Ribbed Skirts, Pants & Leggings

Flaunt your legs in these ribbed skirts matched with your crop tops. You could always go for a ribbed set of a skirt-crop top for a party. Ribbed pants and leggings are equally comfortable as either pajamas or gym wear. You can always go for a double ribbed look with a ribbed tank tops- leggings combination for gym or yoga class. Don’t be shy to go over the top with your top and shoes since your ribbed skirt will be doing its own thing.

  • Ribbed Sweaters / Jackets / Layers

Ribbed layers are a good option to look stylish while still not being risky with your clothes. A good way to incorporate is some ribbed sweaters in your wardrobe. Style them with jeans and boots for a day look and a tight miniskirt and heels for a night look. Ribbed jackets, cardigans, and ponchos could also be a plus for your drab outfit days.

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