3 Types Of Earrings You Can Rock Everyday

Tassels, mismatched and cuffs, these 3 earring trends are ruling the runway and the high streets now.

3 Types Of Earrings You Can Rock Everyday


‘Statement jewellery’, that’s the phase fashion experts love today. One piece of jewellery can actually make you look like a diva. Not only neckpieces or cuffs, actually earrings can be statement pieces too. If you want to look gorgeous, here are 3 types of earrings you must own!

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Mismatched Statement Earrings


That’s going to be the biggest earring trend of this year. You can either opt for an readymade mismatched piece or simply go with your imagination and sort out pieces from your own collection and actually mismatch those. Pretty easy, isn’t it? No now you don’t have to worry about one lost piece of your favourite earring. Mismatch the remaining one with any other piece and you are good to go!

Flitter Flutter Tassels


When we are over and done with everything punk, rock and gothic, those bohemian tassels are breezing in flittering and fluttering all the while. Apart from appearing on handbags and shoes, tassels carry on conquering earrings as well. And there will be different shapes. From long, dangling ones to small, cute ones, these tassels are so gonna rock this year too.

Ear Cuffs, Multiple Piercings and Other Punk Solutions for Ears


When we state that the Nineties are coming back, pop-punk ear candies are surely among them forming one of the most viral jewellery trends. Ear cuffs and multiple ear piercing are in the forefront as the devotion to this style. But today’s punk earrings do not necessitate any intimacy with punk culture or any colored Mohawk hairstyle to take on. You are going to adapt them quite successfully with your romantic, casual and elegant styles alike.

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