3 Signs Your Relationship Is Dependent On Sex

3 Signs Your Relationship Is Dependent On Sex

The fact that you’ve clicked on this article explains how you’ve been feeling lately in your relationship. Several people get confused between real love and really great sex! Often, to justify one’s carnal attraction, they tag it as love. Sometimes, even if it is love, people fail to develop the emotional aspect of their relationship. Why discuss your issues when you can simply have make up sex? Not healthy but fun? Is your relationship relying too much on sex? Let’s find out.

Only Physical Compatibility

Physical Compatibility

You usually quarrel a lot but when you are in bed with him, things seem to be super cordial? He knows exactly where and how to touch you. You know how to turn him on. But when the curtains are opened, there’s nothing much to talk about. Clearly, your physical chemistry is perfect but there’s a lot more to explore outside the sheets.

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You Hardly Go Out On Dates


Most of your dates either end in sex or largely involve only sex. You meet usually at home and though plan on watching a movie, cooking and talking, what you really end up doing is having sex.

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Sex Equals To Solution


Do you often ignore the feelings of emptiness in your relationship? Do you fill that void with sex? Have you ever felt that the only time you have his whole attention is during sex? It definitely is not the solution and you need to start facing the real issues.

Analyze. Introspect. Are you seeking a relationship based on sex? Or one that is fulfilling in every way?

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