3 Sex Positions To Go For If You’re Shy

Do you get extremely conscious of yourself when your partner tries to get intimate with you? This maybe because of low self-esteem or sexual-awkwardness. However, there is no need to worry. It is possible to get rid of such inhibitions and make the most of your sex life by opting for positions that might help you in feeling comfortable. Here are a few positions to go for!

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  • The ‘Hold Me Down’

This position essentially requires the man to bend his knees and sit down while holding the woman’s legs who lies on the ground in front of him, with her hips raised. The man can insert into the woman and push in and pull out for enhanced pleasure. It also allows the man to fondle the woman’s breasts.

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  • The ‘Female Perpendicular’

Lie down on the bed or a table. Let you man stand against the bed and life your legs. This position is great for deep penetration. It avoids eye contact and lets both the man and woman enjoy their space while performing the act together. As the man penetrates in the woman, the edge of the bed proves to be a great source to create friction against his penis hence, providing maximum pleasure.

  • The ‘Subdued Doggie Style’

This position requires the woman to lie on her stomach. Now, place a below below the pelvic or stomach and bend your knees slightly in order to raise your body from the bed. Now, the man should align himself over the woman in a similar position at an angle which will allow him to insert into the woman from behind. He can plant soft kisses on the woman’s back. This position is perfect for those who are afraid of looking at one another while having sex. This position will surely improve the comfortability between the two partners and lead them to get closer and opt for bolder positions.

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Shama Nimkar

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