3 Reasons Why Using Two Condoms Can Be A Big Mistake!

Double bagging means basically wearing two condoms at once. This is probable one of the most frequently asked questions by both men and women. People tend to think that just by doubling up it can provide better pregnancy protection than just by using one. Sometimes they if think that wear both male condom and female condom would lower the chances of pregnancy!

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Well if you are considering doing so, here are 5 reasons why you should avoid totally avoid doing so.

1. It may seem like a good idea, but…

Wearing two condoms at once may seem like a good idea to many of you, considering the fact that it’ll probably reduce the chances of pregnancy. But this practice is really not recommended. And there is not specific evidence that suggest doubling up will reduce your chances. It is also advisable that male condom should never be used at the same time as female condom.

2. Why double bagging isn’t recommended?

Wearing two condoms at the same time can increase the friction between them while having sex. This can make them more likely to tip and tear easily and hence not recommended. It has been even agreed by the medical community that double bagging is likely to create to0 much of friction and this can increase the chance that either one or both of the condoms will break.

3. What else you need to know about double bagging?

Condoms are not designed in a way to wear two condoms at once. You’ll as well find many manufacturers also advise against this practice. In fact, many reputable organisations teach the people not to wear two condoms at once as the friction caused will increase the chances of it to tear off.

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4.  The bottom line

For some reason or another double bagging is not recommendable. Instead, it advisable to just to stick to using one condom at a time. Although male condoms are only 82% to 98% effective and female condoms are up-to 79% to 90% effective, there are any other methods of birth control. If you are wearing the condom properly, there is no reason to use two at once. Just one will do the work!

5. Why should you be concerned?

There is a reason why in the first place double bagging came into your mind! If you feel that double bagging will provide you additional protection, the phenomenal is completely wrong. If you are really nervous about just relying one condom, you could choose other alternatives like pill, patch etc.

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