3 Positions For Outdoor Sex

May it be in the woods or at the beach, you have to try these!

Get away with your partner to some quiet and serene location which would provide the two of you’ll with enough privacy and just the perfect environment to set into motion, a romantic string of events. Indoor sex can be really good but having sex outdoors doesn’t only provide you with a change in the location but also makes the session even more romantic. Nature has a way of casting it’s magic on people. Here are 5 positions to opt during outdoor sex!


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  • The One On The Wheels

If you’re out for camping in the woods, this position is perfect for you. Roll some sleeping bags and place them end to end. These sleeping bag wheels are going to set a rhythm to the activity as they will move in sync with the in and out motion while penetration.  Now lie on top of them with your pelvic area elevated. Let the man position himself on top of you that he can penetrate inside you and get the activity going. The rolling bags, deep thrusts and nature’s beauty is going to make this an unforgettable experience.

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  • Spooning In The Bag

This is possible in a sleeping bag which is big enough to accommodate two individuals. Sleep with your partner inside the bag and  practice the spooning sex position. This will keep the two of you’ll warm and also provide you’ll with pleasure.

  • Inside the tent

Picture yourself on a mountain with a beautiful view surrounding you. It’s freezing cold and you enter the tent for warmth. What is a better way to keep warm than exchanging body heat with your partner? Lie down on your stomach. Let your man lie on top of you and insert into you from behind. This is going to be one hell of a hot session which will make sure that the cold is defeated.

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