3 Muscle Toning Exercises For Women

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3 Muscle Toning Exercises For Women

Losing weight should not be your only aim. You should exercise to lose weight as well in order to tone your body. Having the curves in the right places is necessary. Nobody likes a walking stick. Here are a few exercises to attain a svelte and toned body.

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  • Dumbbell Exercise


Exercising with dumbbells is an excellent way to tone your body muscles. They build and stabilize muscles which not only make your more strong but also make aid you in weight-loss by getting rid of excess fat. Lie down to practice inclined and declined dumbbell chest presses. Take a dumbbell in each hand and lift it up and down at steady pace. This will target your chest, arms and shoulders.

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  • Body-Resistance Exercises


You need to use 2 resistance bands for this exercise. This exercise will help you in toning your calf muscles. Tie the resistance bands around your legs, just above your ankles. Now try kicking back one foot while keeping the other foot on the ground. The elastic band increases the difficulty level, making you use increased strength which leads to toning of muscles. Follow this pattern twenty times before you switch to the stretching the other foot.

  • Aerobic Exercises


Aerobic exercises are known to catalyse the process of sculpting your body and shedding excess fat. Cardio exercises like running on the treadmill can qualify as cardio. Practice an hour of cardio everyday and you’re good to go.

Hence, practice these exercises everyday and you shall see the difference in your frame!

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