3 Irresistible Summer Mocktails You Will Love

Here are three most delicious and hydrating non-alcoholic drinks to serve at your next brunch, lunch, or dinner party.

3 Irresistible Summer Mocktails You Will Love

It’s just not summer, unless you have an ice-cold fruity drink in hand. While many of us like to enjoy a cocktail every now and then, sometimes you need something sans alcohol (sadly, we can’t live on mojitos). Whether you’re not a drinker or you just need a break from the booze, these 3 summery mocktails will ‘not’ disappoint. Keep reading to discover your new favourite warm-weather refreshment.

Coconut, cucumber, lemon and mint cooler

Summer Mocktails

Ingredients: 1 coconut, Mint leaves, 1 Tbsp honey, 1 Lemon

Method: Break a coconut & empty water in a jug. Scrape off coconut meat using a spoon, Chop it finely and add it to coconut water. Add mint, honey and lemon juice as well as lemon. Mix and stir well, serve.

Spicy watermelon mint agua fresca

Summer Mocktails

Ingredients: 2 cups cold water, 2 cups watermelon (rind removed), seeded and chopped, 2 tablespoons granulated sugar, juice of 1/2 lime (no more than 1 tablespoon), 1/4 cup mint leaves, 1/2 jalapeño, roughly chopped, Ice cubes or crushed ice (optional)

Method: Combine all of the ingredients and puree until smooth. Pour mixture through a strainer into a pitcher, forcing through most of the pulp. Chill and serve.

Ginger Fizz

Summer Mocktails

Ingredients: A large chunk fresh ginger, 1 stick lemon grass, 1 lemon, 2 tbsp ginger syrup, sparkling water, ice

Method: Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass. Finely slice the ginger and add to the glass. Pour in the ginger syrup and sparkling water. Add the ice and garnish with slices of the remaining half a lemon.


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