3 IMPORTANT Health Tips For Pregnant Women Fasting This Karva Chauth

3 IMPORTANT Health Tips For Pregnant Women Fasting This Karva Chauth

A special moment in every Indian married woman’s life, Karva Chauth, a day-long fast is done in hopes and prayers of a long life of the husband. Since there isn’t any food involved, you need other distractions. Here are the top 3 important health tips every pregnant woman needs to remember before they take up fasting.

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Consult With Your Doctor

If you intend on fasting this Karva Chauth, make sure you have your doctor’s approval! You need to inform your doctor about your intentions since fasting during pregnancy can be tricky. It isn’t’ necessarily a bad thing but you need to make sure no harm comes to the baby. Since you won’t be drinking water also on this day, you will be dehydrated so think carefully if you are mentally and physically ready to do that. Also, your baby needs its daily nutrition which it won’t get if you fast. Consult with your doctor about how health and if you are fit in to keep the fast in the first place.

Be Prepared In Advance

No water and no food can seem like a nightmare for a pregnant woman! But you can always tweak your diets like adding in fruits and milk mid-day. Pregnancy automatically affects your eating habits so complete fasting seems like a bad idea. You can opt for fruits and veggies that have a high water content such as peaches, watermelons, figs, cucumbers, and milk. Be prepared with what you are going to eat a day prior so you aren’t giving in to your cravings at the last minute.

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Choose Your Distractions

Fasting, in general, can be difficult for most pregnant women if not all. So how do you distract yourself from the constant growling stomach? Go read a book and take a long nap, binge watch your favorite tv series or start a new one! Options are endless for pregnant women who are staying home. Knitting future baby clothes, or doing crafts aka baby albums will help you get distracted from the hunger pangs. With plenty of distractions on the internet, online games, social media, this Karva Chauth try to enjoy a blissful day with your baby and hubby.

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