3 Everyday Habits That Dehydrate Your Skin

3 Everyday Habits That Dehydrate Your Skin

Winters are almost here and your skin is getting dry like a desert. Along with the cold comes the cracked skin, flaky skin, chapping and peeling skin. But don’t blame it all on the season! Some of your everyday habits could actually be causing your skin to dehydrate and damage. Here are the top 3 activities that make your skin lose its natural waters.

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Long Hot Showers!

Dehydrate Your Skin

Taking long hot showers actually makes your skin worse rather than repairing it.  Hot water strips your skin’s natural oils and damages the skin barrier. Keep your showers short and especially if they are with hot water. Self-pamper with warm or cold water baths instead.

Using Harsh Soaps!

Dehydrate Your Skin

Using harsh soaps can damage your skin. Soaps can seem harmless and quite clean but they’re breeding grounds for bacteria. Harsh chemicals and ingredients can affect your skin layers. It causes dryness and irritation which can lead to rashes. Switch to natural soaps and body washes or gels instead.

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Drinking Less Water!

Dehydrate Your Skin

Not drinking enough water can make your skin dry. Especially in the winters. Drinking liquids help nourish your body and restore its natural water levels every day. It also helps you stay healthy and hydrated and lessens stress and fatigued feelings. Water is a great way to keep your skin fresh and glowing.

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