3 Easy Ways To Give Your Wardrobe A Makeover

3 Easy Ways To Give Your Wardrobe A Makeover

Can’t afford to go shopping but really want a wardrobe makeover? Grab your scissors and get to work with these styling tips to give your wardrobe a makeover in minutes. Cute and chic, these are a good way to modify your old clothes into something new right at home.

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Tear It

Wardrobe Makeover

Tear off or cut out sections from your favourite jeans with a scissor or blade. And patch it up with mismatched pieces of fabrics like velvet or stretch or stick and stitch on sequins, chains, pearls and other embellishments on your jeans to make it look funkier. DIY ripped jeans or distressed jeans at home itself in a few precise cuts.

Crop it

crop tops

Spice up your boring t-shirts by turning them into crop tops. Your old t-shirts can be transformed into cute crop t-shirts and tops with just a cut. You can make a straight cut, or do a fringe/ tasseled edge. Cutouts in the right places with the right bras can make your outfit stylish. Cropped hoodies and t-shirts are easy to style with jeans and skirts.

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Slit It

Maxi gowns

A trendy fashion style that’s all over social media is Maxi gowns and long skirts. Wondering how to revamp it? Slit it! Go bold and sexy with a high slit in your skirt, and if your daring enough on both sides. Cut through the stitches on the sides and stop at the height you feel most comfortable in to show off your legs. You might want to get the edges interlocked for a neat look.

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