3 Easy Ways To Make Your Work Hours Happy!

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Work Hours Happy!

Happiness at work follows a simple mathematical rule. It is directly proportional to how much you like your job. But there are smaller, more practical steps that can make you feel happy, light and sorted!

Deck up your space

Office environment can influence your mood and your ability to deliver. In fact, very often your surrounding shapes your work subtly. Try to keep your environment happy and lively. Start with your desk. Make sure your desk is neat without any clutter. Try to make your cubicle or your cabin chirpy with a splash of happy colours. Investing some creative thoughts, if not money, in accessorising your desk is not a bad idea. If you think that the old computer is hogging too much of your restricted space, replace it with a laptop. If that red coloured wall is too jarring to your eyes cover it with a peppy yellow calendar or pink wall accessories. Take some time out every day to amp up and update the space you work in and you will feel younger, happier and ready to tackle any job!

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Watch your posture

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We tend to neglect this but good body posture can right many wrongs. Seriously! Get a good desk chair and adjust it properly so that you don’t crane your neck or droop your already-burdened-with-super-tasks-shoulders and slouch to adjust your sight to your computer screen. Make sure there is sufficient and appropriate light on your desk. Sit up straight with your spine erect and head still. Every time you adopt this posture you will feel more energetic, alive and cheerier!

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Manage your e-self!

Periodically, squeeze some time out of your hectic schedule to organise yourself. Dump those unwanted loose papers piling up on your desk. Organise your computer, segregate your files and keep your emails well tagged so you can retrieve any information when required. Keep yourself e-sorted and manage your “e-self” smartly!

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