3 DIY Coffee Recipes To Make Your Hair Shiny AF

3 DIY Coffee Recipes To Make Your Hair Shiny AF

The invigorating smell of coffee can awaken our senses, and give our dull mornings a fresh start. Conversations over coffee are the best. Solo time with books and an Irish Latte will be soothing to your soul. When you need to hit the gym, an expresso will be your life-saver. But did you know that coffee can do wonders to your hair? Here are ways to enrichen your tresses using coffee.

Wash your hair with black coffee

black coffee benefits

Add instant coffee powder in a litre of warm water and voila, your shine treatment is ready! After you shampoo and condition your hair, simply rinse your tresses using the black coffee. It will leave your hair with a natural tint of brown, and ample of shine.

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Massage your scalp with ground coffee

ground coffee

Wash your hair with water and towel dry. Now use cooled ground coffee to massage your hair. This will help exfoliate your scalp and promote hair growth. Also, the oil content in the coffee will leave your hair moisturised without any greasiness.

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Coffee hair mask

Coffee hair mask

Give your hair some TLC with a delicious-smelling coffee mask. Mix coffee powder, yogurt, coconut oil and castor oil in a bowl and voila, your mask is ready. Leave it on your hair for 30 mins and then thoroughly wash it off.

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