17 Easy And Chic Ways To Look Fresh In Florals This Summer

17 Easy And Chic Ways To Look Fresh In Florals This Summer


Flaunting florals through summer not only makes you look fashionable, but will leave you looking fresh too. We present 17 top ways to wear floral designs this summer.

Florals Florals Florals

Style 1: Pick a floral summer blazer to wear over your denims. 

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Style 2: A floral skirt when paired with a solid-coloured top can take you anywhere-from work to play. 

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Style 3: Make bottom wear a little more fun by opting for floral trousers this summer. 

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Style 4: A cute floral printed summer dress should be a wardrobe staple for all fashionistas on the radar. Choose tiny prints or big ones. 

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Style 5: Add added elegance and charm to a white-on-white outfit by pairing it with a floral blazer. 

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Style 6: For a more relaxed vibe, wear a floral printed summer blazer with a pair of shorts, or team an off-shoulder printed blouse with a pair of white pants. 

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Style 7: The good news is you can now wear florals even to weddings these days. See how. (Pic courtesy: Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee) 

Florals Florals Florals

Style 8: Your summer florals need not be limited to just your clothes, go all out and wear them in the form of shoes, or carry a backpack in floral designs. 



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