15 Real Men Reveal What Turns Them On The Most

15 Real Men Reveal What Turns Them On The Most

While a lot of men rant about how difficult it is to understand women, in this era, tables have definitely turned. Men have become more complex than they used to be (or were they always the same?). These less-expressive mortals often fail to reveal their deeply-buried feelings to their women and we are left wondering. If you think you have decoded what turns men on, then this article right here WILL make you question all your beliefs! We went ahead and collated a list of 15 turn-ons reported by real men online. Go ahead and educate yourself.

They love the visual treats!


What Turns a Man On

“That hip wiggle thing girls do while taking off or putting on pants.”

“When a girl is wearing one of my white dress shirts and nothing else.”

“I love when a girl lets down her hair and it’s all messy and sexy, also eyeliner and that dirty look they give you.”

“I love the “just out of bed” look. Messy hair, no makeup, no bra, usually a big t-shirt, no pants. That and glasses. My SO is fully aware that if she combines all of those together I am completely unable to keep my hands to myself.”

“Maybe not so weird but women’s hands. I feel like hands themselves have so much character. Like when they’re just small and have no nail polish and just look soft and feel so comfortable holding mine. I can get turned on just noticing a girls hands.”

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Women taking charge

How To Turn On a Man

“If a girl runs her hand up my neck and grabs onto my hair…I’ve done the same to girls and its gotten good results.”

“I know this is cliche, but cuddling. Holy balls, a good cuddle sure gets the motor running.”

“Not really into BDSM, or whatever, but I do like it when a girl takes some initiative, or is a little aggressive. E.g. ‘Shut up and kiss me.'”

“My wife came back from a long trip yesterday and just walked up and said, “let’s go make some sex” and walked off to the bedroom. That was hot as fuck for me.”

“My girlfriend putting on her lipstick as she leans into the mirror, notices me looking at her and we make eye contact. Then she gives me a little wink before she continues. Instant boner.”

“Just a nice long hug on its own is nice enough, but having her take my hand and place it somewhere more intimate kicks it up a gear.”

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A little kink?

Sex Tips

“A unique voice. Dunno why. The more pleasant to my ears, the more pleasant for my brains.”

“I love feeling wanted. when my girlfriend alludes to being excited for sex later i feel really good about myself.”

“Getting my fingers licked or sucked on is a major turn on.”

“When a girl draws on my back lightly with nails. It’s probably my favorite thing in the world.”

“That little moan a woman does when she’s stretching. Giggity!”

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