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12 Sex Questions You Always Wanted Answers To, But Didn’t Know Who To Ask!

There are many sex-related questions women never find out the answer to because they are too embarrassed to raise them. Topics such as masturbation, orgasms, and pregnancy sex can be intimidating topics to discuss, and more often than not, women are inundated with the wrong kind of advice, that they have gathered from hearsay. Worry not, here we have got you answers to every possible sex question that might have cropped up.

1. Can certain exercises really lead to better sex?
Yes, being fit is always an advantage and yoga is great for relaxation, so that you can enjoy sex better.

2. Will my vagina be noticeably ‘loose’ after I have a baby?
No. It depends on the kind of delivery you’ve had and post-delivery care. The wall of the vagina is actually very elastic, allowing it to stretch to give birth but it gets back to its normal conditions.

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3. I’ve never had an orgasm during intercourse. Is there something wrong with me?
For a woman to have an orgasm, she needs to be relaxed. Have an open chat with your partner and you can both work at it.  Satisfying sex resulting in orgasm for both partners can be achieved.

4. How do I make sure I do not smell down there?
Make sure you are clean. Use vaginal soaps, and if still there’s any unpleasant odour, consult a gynaecologist.

5. I orgasm fairly easily during masturbation and oral sex, but I’ve never been able to climax during penetration. Is this a physical thing or a mental thing?
Purely mental. You are most probably stressed about the fact that your partner will give up before you come.

6.What if I want to have sex when I am pregnant?
It is absolutely normal, but always better to consult a gynaecologist, as, during the first trimester, one is advised against it normally.

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7. Oral sex is a turn off for me. What do I do?
Communicate with your partner if you are not comfortable.

8. My boyfriend/husband insists that we try out a vibrator. I don’t think I would be comfortable. How do I convey it to him?
Don’t have a mental block against a vibrator, it might help you get an orgasm.Give it a try and if you still aren’t comfortable, talk it out.

9. I met a guy I really like and want to sleep with him. How do I make sure my partner is safe, without any STDs etc?
Many STDs are not even known initially. All you can expect is your partner to be honest regarding his sex life and take a call before indulging in the act.

10. Does using birth control interfere with sex drive?
It should not, but some women complain that it does. Check with your gynaecologist as she can change the type of birth control you are using currently.

11. We tried having anal sex, I want to know if it’s safe?
Research shows that the nerve endings in the anus and rectum can stimulate orgasm and increase sexual pleasure. However, stop if there is pain during anal intercourse – it is a sign that something’s not quite right. Keep the area clean since there can be a lot of bacteria in there; always use a condom.

12. Is it advisable to have sex during periods?
Absolutely, but seeking gynaecological advice is a good idea to understand hygiene issues.

  • with inputs from Ms Kinjal Pandya, M. A. Counseling Psychology, Relationship expert

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