10 Types Of Tassel Earrings You Need To Buy Now!

Trendy, fun and fashionable, tassel earrings are hot property right now. We have curated 10 top styles in tassel earrings for you. What's more, we have also told you where you can get them from. Go, splurge!

The best bit about tassel earrings are that apart from being super trendy, they are also versatile, and can be paired with almost anything-right from skinny denims to the whole nine yards. Here’s presenting 10 top styles in tassel earrings.

Tassel Earrings Tassel Earrings

Tassel Earrings Tassel Earrings Tassel Earrings

Style 1: Pom pom tassel earrings are hot territory. The best bit about these earrings are that they can be paired with anything-right from your kurtas, midi dresses to your denims and crop tops.

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Style 2: Deepika Padukone wore a pair of these long tassel earrings on the red carpet, and ever since, we can’t seem to be getting enough of them. Pair it with a short summer dress, pair them with your chic resort wear or wear them with your favourite cropped pants. 

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Available at Tjori.com

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