10+ Beauty Benefits Of Neem Oil

The properties of neem and their health benefits is widely known across the world, but not many know about its beauty properties. Though freshly ground paste of the neem leaves would be best, but the oil extracted from it is absolute hassle-free and easy to use. Neem oil is very easily available. But make sure you purchase it from a very reliable store selling ayurvedic products. Here are 10 beauty benefits of the oil.

Fight Free Radicals


Neem oil has carotenoids and is very rich in antioxidants. These two properties fights free radicals – the catalysts behind early signs of ageing such as wrinkles. Simply massage a tsp of neem oil on your face and neck area for 5-10 minutes twice in a week.

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Helps Heal


Neem has natural antiseptic properties. Note: This is not applicable for open fresh wounds but for dry skin infections. Wash the infected area with antiseptic soap and dab a few drops of neem oil without massaging. Continue doing this for a week or so.

Helps Retain Skin Elasticity


Neem oil has ample of vitamin E and fatty acids which helps in retaining the elasticity of our skin. In winter days, right after a shower, mix 1 portion of neem oil with 2 portions of coconut oil and apply it all over your body. This will keep your skin soft, hydrated and supple.

Treats Acne


The anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents found in neem help reduce acne. Neem’s anti-bacterial eliminates acne-causing bacteria on our skin. The oil is also known to reduce the redness and swelling caused by acne.

Healthy Eyelashes And Eyebrows


Research say that those who apply neem oil on their face every now and then tend to have clean and healthy eyelashes and eyebrows. Neem cleans skin and skin pores, right from the cellular-level. Also, it is widely known that nurturing eyelashes and eyebrows once in a while with beauty oils make them healthy and lush. You can use neem oil to remove make-up as well.

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Is An Effective Anti-Fungal Agent


Neem oils is also known to be a very effect anti-fungal agent. Daily application of a few drops of neem oil on your toes, heels and hands will definitely prevent any fungal growth. If already infected, clean the area with antiseptic soap, pat-dry it and apply a thin layer of neem oil. You can use this remedy any time of the day. Neem can also help heal other skin issues like ringworm, nail fungal, fungus in ear-holes, etc.

Conditions Hair


If you are one spending hours commuting in pollution to and fro your work, you must add at least 1 portion of neem oil to 3 portions of your hair oil. Neem not only helps you get rid of bacteria but also protects your hair health from any bacterial damage.

Conditions And Treats Scalp


Just like the skin of our face, our scalp also benefits immensely from neem oil. The fatty acids in the oil keep the scalp moisturised and healthy; the anti-bacterial properties fight the damage-causing bacteria.

Treats Dandruff 


Dandruff is a big scalp-related problem faced by millions, especially in winter season. Mix some neem oil with your hair oil and massage it on your scalp 2-3 hours before hair wash. Though this does not remove dandruff right away, but it helps clean your scalp and protect it from any further damage.

Works As A Protective Shield For Skin


Applying neem oil every night before bedtime will keep almost all skin-related issues at bay. Wash your face thoroughly. If you have oily skin, scrub your face with a mixture of besan, coarse coffee powder and some water (this will remove oil and oil-soluble dirt), and then wash your face with a suitable face wash.

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