10 Years Of Jab We Met: 5 Lessons We Learned From The Movie

Yeh apni favourite hai!

10 Years Of Jab We Met: 5 Lessons We Learned From The Movie

Jab We Met was released a decade ago and has become a cult classic among Bollywood lovers. With quotable dialogues, the beautiful sceneries of Punjab, Geet’s expressive personality alongside Aditya’s sombre mood and the relatability of the movie still make it iconic even ten years later. Here are some things we all learned from Jab We Met.

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Curse your heart out


If someone has done something wrong to you, don’t hesitate to give them some bad words. After all, they deserve it!

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Dance your heart out


Even if you can’t dance, don’t be afraid to strike a good move. Be it in a disco or in the rain, keep dancing!

Listen to your heart


No matter what people say about something, always trust your heart. Listen to it and follow it!

Keep your inner child alive


If you brand something that looks fun as childish, you will never enjoy the little things in life. So go ahead and be fearless!

Love yourself


If you’re not going to love yourself first, nobody else will. So go ahead and make yourself your favourite person!

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