How To Make Travelling With Children Super Fun

New Woman tells you how to kee your baby clean, well-fed and generally happy, and your sanity intact, while making sure you all have a good time.

How To Make Travelling With Children Super Fun

Plan like you’ve never planned before: Make sure the hotels you’ll be staying in are baby-friendly. Book all necessary items in advance. Prams, strollers, any specific food you think your baby may need and so on. Ensure you have your itinerary in place and arrangements made for pickup and drop to the airport and for sightseeing trips. Don’t do anything on the fly.

Pack Smart: Pack what’s familiar, pack what’s convenient and make sure everything that goes into your bad can do double-duty. So for instance, if your baby absolutely cannot do without her stuffed teddy, do pack that, but don’t pack any other toys.

Keep Them Engaged: If you’re heading out on a long journey, pack a collection of toys that can be handed out once an hour. Handheld puzzles, tiny colouring books, stickers, clay, lego blocks, all will help pass the time on a long flight or car journey.

Bring comfort items: Try not to experiment when you’re travelling with your kid. Pack whatever he/she is the most comfortable in, even if it’s a ratty old shirt.

Bring along baby carriers/strollers: Come prepared with baby carriers or strollers and make sure the hotels you’ll be staying in are child friendly, in case you forget something.

Opt for serviced apartments or apartment hotels whenever possible: Unless you are one of the lucky few with a baby who’ll eat practically anything, you might have to prepare something that may not be easily available.

Relax at every chance you get: Seems like a no-brainer but when you’re on vacation, you want to do everything, see everything and experience every little thing possible. Try not to do that. Do explore to your heart’s content but also make sure you get plenty of rest.

Let your baby explore: It’s important to allow them a certain degree of freedom to explore. They might surprise you with the dishes they take a liking to or the activities they end up preferring.

Embrace Technology: When on a long flight or holed in hotel rooms for a long period of time, your mobile or iPad can provide some much-needed respite.

Adjust, adjust, adjust: After all the planning and preparations, be prepared for things not happening exactly the way you expect then to. It’s great to have a Plan A but be prepared with Plans B, C, D and E and when all else fails, adjust as best as you can to the situation.



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