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10 Ways Of Styling Leather Pants This Party Season

Leather pants are not limited to biking or to clubbing. Though they look utterly stylish for the two activities, opting for a good pair of leather pants with the right styling does wonders to your overall look. Here are 10 ways of styling your favourite leather pants for this party season.

Baggy Sweater

While you must have already kept your winter looks ready, here’s something that’s probably missing. This party season, opt for a baggy sweater with a pair of skin-fit leather pants. This will help hide that slight paunch if you have overeaten during the Christmas festivities.

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Kitten Heels

Kitten heels look so lady-ish killer when worn with sleek leather pants! No matter what colour, footwear type your prefer, a pair of kitten heels will add a hint of ‘bad-ass’ women power element to your overall look.

Denim Jacket/Shirt

Pairing denim shirt or a jacket with leather pants is a fashion statement since the retro times and the way the celebrities pull them off with such ace even today gives us major street-fashion goals. This can be a good choice for the casual-day at work. Sneakers or booties, you can opt for any footwear.

Leather Crop Jacket

Just like ‘denim on denim’ is cliched but works like charm, ‘leather on leather’, too, do so well. A crop leather jacket over a pair of leather pants scream classic street-fashion statement. Wearing a crisp shirt or a bright coloured T-shirt underneath the jacket will help you achieve a very street-fashion chic.

Velvet Booties

Matte velvet booties complements sleek leather pants very well. While the classic black ones are universally most preferred colours for footwear with black leather pants, there are intricately designed ones too that you can opt from.

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Vintage Tee

Thinking of rocking your night away at a rock concert or a simple stroll on the street in breezy cool evening? Pairing leather pants with vintage tees is ageless!

Colour Pop Heels

To add some more drama to your already dramatic sleek leather pants, opt for a nice bright coloured footwear. Stilettos, pumps, booties… it does not matter as long as the colour is popping and catchy!

Tuck-In Shirt

Tucking a crisp shirt in leather pants looks very dapper and quite no-nonsense. Opt for ankle-length boots to add a little ruggedness to your overall look.


Who says leather pants cannot be worn to work? You simply need to pull over a nice dapper blazer and you are good to go!


While leather pants add an element of classy street-fashion to your look, pairing them with sneakers or tennis shoes makes them look absolutely laid back. Doesn’t it sounds like a perfect outfit for a day-long strolling and sight-seeing around the city?

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