10 Ways To Redesign The Treasures Of Your Mom’s Closet

Your mom’s closet must have three types of oldies. One should be those heavy work silk sarees, second can be the free flow chiffon and georgette sarees and the third one should everyday wear cotton pieces. Now apart from donning one particular Banarasi/Kanjeevaram for a wedding sometimes, or rocking a georgette, when you want yourself to be the Sridevi of Chandni, we are telling creative ways in which you can redesign those beautiful pieces and thus can give them a contemporary twist.

Look One: Transform any Banarasi/Kanjeevaram or any heavy work silk sarees into the following outfits…

1. Dupatta

2. Skirts

3. Lehenga

4. Blouse

5. Jacket

6. Dress

Look Two: Transform any Chiffon/Georgette/Bandhni or any printed light material sarees into the following outfits…

7. Shrugs


8. Long and Short Dresses

Look Three: Transform any Cotton saree into the following outfits…

9. Long Skirts

10. Pants and Palazzos

Photo Courtesy: Triveni Sarees, Nargis, Jashn, Ethnic Dukaan, Sahiba Limited, Shruti Sancheti, Asif Merchant, Soch, 



FASHION NOTES: With Model & Actress Elena Fernandes