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10 Ways To Have Fun Wearing Your Eyeliner

If you’re familiar with make-up, you will know how long perfecting eyeliner takes. Why don’t we challenge ourselves to try something out of the ordinary by trying these intense eye looks!

If you can’t select just one colour for your eyeliner, this rainbow one is perfect and will make your eyes really pop!


Love to sparkle? This copper glitter eyeliner should be your next go-to look!


If you don’t want eyeshadow, you can apply copper glitter eyeliner as is and still look fabulous!


Silver eyeliner is very trendy and looks very futuristic. If you don’t have silver eyeliner, using black; applying silver glitter on top looks equally as good!


Make a smokey eye look even better with a sharp, red eyeliner crease!


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Use neon colours to make your eyeliner look graphic and colourful!


Mix shades of blue to create this very textured eyeliner look, which is guaranteed to grab eyeballs!


Take your fun paintballing experience to your eyeliner! This splatter paint eye will definitely get everyone’s attention!


If you still don’t want to let go of the black eyeliner, try this cool triple-wing with a sprinkle of glitter!


Another way to make your black eyeliner look less boring is to add glitter! A touch of purple on your lower lashline can also make your eyes look very vampy, which is perfect for a night out.

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