10 Tips To Party This New Year’s Eve Responsibly

10 Tips To Party This New Year’s Eve Responsibly

Time and again women have been ‘suggested’ not to go for late night parties for safety reasons. But why suppress the enthralled party enthused women from all that jazz when they really can take party safety precautions in their own hands? New Woman lists 10 precautionary tips to make you party-ready to the fullest!

Eat Before You Leave For A Party

Safe New Year Party Tips

The excitement of a New Year’s Eve bash is enthralling, but do not skip a hearty meal before you leave for the same, especially if your bash includes a lot of booze and dancing. A sufficing meal will help your body to not take the first glass of booze as a shock; it also helps you ‘digest’ the booze much easily.

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Carry A Small Sling Bag

Sling Bag

When too much of moving around (club-hopping and dancing) is involved, always carry a compact sling bag to store all your essentials. That way, you are hands-free and can dance the night away without a worry! Carry only the things you really need such as some cash, debit/ credit card, photo ID, mobile phone and a few make-up essentials. You may also carry a pepper spray for your safety.

Always Go In A Group


While two women should be able to go out and have a gala time, at a time like NYE, you may face a lot of nuisance. Go in a group you trust. Travelling back from the party will be easy, and hopefully there won’t be any unnecesary ‘let’s dance’ requests from creepy men. Should any mishap occur, you will have your safety net to come to the rescue. Also, make sure you and your girlfriends accompany each other to the ladies’ room.

Use Technology Optimally

Safe New Year Tips

Do not share your location on social media; you never know who might be stalking you and trace you down! However, share your location with your trusted contacts. Keep your phone’s GPS on so that if anything happens, your steps are traceable. Keep the following contact numbers on your phone’s speed-dial: family members, trusted friends, police, ambulance and disaster management of your city. Also, install a women-safety mobile application for extra precaution.

Keep A Check On The Booze

spiked drinks

Going overboard with booze definitely kills the party-buzz, and you will be spending more time puking than dancing. Keep a count of your drinks and make sure you don’t mix different alcohols. Also, have your tried-and tested drinks only; this is not the night to experiment since you never know how your body reacts to it. To safeguard yourself from spiked drinks, make sure your glass is not left unattended, and you accept only those drinks that are made in front of you.

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Know The Basics Of Disaster Management

Basics Of Disaster Management

Party or not, you must know the basics of disaster management. This will not only help you save yourself but also other possible victims of disasters such as earthquakes, fire, etc. Also, keep important contact numbers handy in case of any emergency.

Conscious, Awareness And Reflexes

Awareness And Reflexes

You must consider awareness and fast reflexes your best mates, especially when in a drunk crowd. Be alert of your surroundings—the party-venue and people around you; if there is any mishap, the quicker your reflexes are, the better it is for you.

Post-Party Transport

Post-Party Transport 

If it is very late when you are returning home post-party, share a cab with your friends and share your cab details with your parents, siblings and/or your partner. Always take the familiar route; if the cab driver insists too much on taking a ‘short-cut’ which you are not familiar about, say ‘no’ and be very adamant about it. Still if he does not budge and you realise that things seem suspicious, remember, you sitting behind him makes him vulnerable and you are at an advantage to take matters in your hand.

Essential Equipment

Essential Equipment For Women

When science and technology have blessed us with pepper-sprays, there are certain, otherwise harmless, possessions you have that can be used for defensive methods—a pen, a bag’s long sling, etc. What do they do? A pen can easily puncture skin with the right pressure; a bag’s sling can help choke the offender enough to make him/her dizzy. God forbid, if you are caught in such a situation, equipment or not, your presence of mind is the ultimate key to all. If nothing comes to your mind at that moment, your nails and a knee will also work like a charm!

Trust Your Own Guts

Safe New Year Party Tips

Last, but not at all the least, trust your guts! You can never be surer about things your instincts tell you about. For example, if a person does not seem right, then avoid him/ her; if the just brought drink seems suspicious, do not drink it; if a place gives you bad vibes, leave. Listen to your guts. After all, we want you to have an exciting and crazy but safe New Year’s Eve party!

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