10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Colouring Your Hair

10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Colouring Your Hair

Though everyone has a different perception of beauty, but the desire to have healthy and gorgeous tresses is universal. For someone who is looking for an instant makeover, colouring your hair can be the solution! Revamp your look, and get your hair dyed without a worry in the world. You are just few steps away from feeling like a celebrity! Here are 10 things to keep in mind before colouring your hair.

1. Wash your hair properly with shampoo before colouring or the dirt in the hair will make it difficult for the hair to absorb the colour.

2. There is no need to apply conditioner on your hair after shampooing if you are planning to colour your hair. Conditioner makes it difficult for the colour to stick.

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3. If your scalp is sensitive during periods then bleach your hair only after you stop menstruating.

4. Before colouring your hair, read and understand all the instructions written on the packet. The instructions may vary in each product according to its chemical content.

5. Hair dye can be a pain to get off from your hands, and may cause irritation as well. To avoid this, cover your hands with gloves while colouring.

6. Colouring can be messy sometimes. Make sure that you are extra careful while colouring your manes as the colour also tends to rub off on the skin around the hairline and it can be harmful.

7. While colouring there is always some amount of colour that gets stuck on our forehead. Even after washing, the colour doesn’t come off. To avoid that, apply petroleum jelly on the skin minutes before colouring.

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8. You can never expect the colour to be the same as advertised. The way your hair color will appear largely depends on the original colour and quality of your tresses.

9. If you are planning to dye your hair red, then note that this colour appears very quickly, so do not sit with it for long. It also requires a lot of attention and care and you must wash it with shampoo and conditioner made especially for colouring.

10. If your hair is long and you are coloring them at home then make sure that you have extra colour packets of hair colour. With this, you can apply colour without worrying about the packet to get over.

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