10 Things You Can Relate To If You Have An Indian Mother

We get you bro!

10 Things You Can Relate To If You Have An Indian Mother

Indian mothers are the most adorable creatures. They sometimes defy logic, their anger is often the scariest thing in the world, and they tend to obssess over you like clouds on Cherrapunji. Still, they love us the most and without our mothers we would be nothing. Here are 10 crazy and cute things that you can relate to if you have an Indian mother.

1) When you lose 10 grams and your mother feels you lost 10 kgs

Ek aur roti khaa lo.

2) If you can’t have lauki, how will you achieve anything in life?

Pressurised to have lauki because thats the staple diet of all sensible people in India.

3) When you don’t answer her calls, and she thinks you’re dead

1st Call – Must be busy
2nd Call – What is she so busy with?
3rd Call – She is dead!!!!

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4) However, if I die in my sleep, tell my mom that I brought all the tupperware dabbas home.

Aaj phir dabba office bhool aayi? Kal se tiffin nahi milega…!

5) When you wake up early and she is like …

Where do you think girlfriends and wives get all their nagging skills from?

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6) If Gordan Ramsay had an Indian mother

Because my future depends on hari, kaali and peeli dal…

7) And then you even forget to refill the water bottle….

 8) When you tell her you don’t want to marry anytime soon

Kahin tu “lebanese” toh nahi?
Haa wohi..

9) But then she is the only person whose happiness is directly proportionate to yours.

She teaches you unconditional love.

10) And whenever you land yourself in trouble, she comes to your rescue

Who saves you from your dad’s scoldings? Or when your relatives come over and ask you tons of questions?

So now you know who is the queen of the world!

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