10 Successful Ways To Help Your Child Become Punctual

Here are few ways through which you can teach your child the importance of punctuality.

10 Successful Ways To Help Your Child Become Punctual

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1. Leading by example is the first thing that you can do as a parent. Children tend to imitate what their parents do. So, setting examples like having dinner on time or going to bed on time is a good way to instil the quality of punctuality in children.

2. Give your child a task or a chore to complete and a then a reward him/ her if it is done on time. For example, if your child completes his homework on time, then the reward can be a little extra play time or TV time. This will ensure that he continues to finish his tasks on time to get rewards that he seeks, eventually leading to punctuality.

3. The proverb ‘Time and Tide wait for no man’ is an ideal message that captures the essence of punctuality. Let your child know the consequences of being late. Getting up late in the morning could ultimately lead to missing the school bus and how it can impact studies is just one example.

4. Explain to children that being on time says a lot about one’s integrity. Tell them it isn’t good to keep people waiting, especially if a promise is made to meet at a certain time. Let them know people could feel let down by these actions.

5. Being punctual can instil self-confidence which is important in life. It shows that you can trust yourself and also lets others know that they can rely on you. Educate children on the importance of this, so that they may reap the rewards later.

6. Sometimes compliments can be more effective than material rewards, so reward your child with compliments for being punctual. This can make them feel good about themselves and can spur them on to do better. Nobody ever gets tired of compliments.

7. Give your child a clock, a watch or a calendar. Teach young children time management by watching the clock together and pointing out how long it takes for a shower or getting dressed. This will help them understand the importance of doing things on time.

8. Young children require guidance. Parental reminders or coloured charts can serve well for completing routine tasks on time. Encouragement is one of the best things children could ask for from their parents.

9. Children are bound to slack off at some point in time. Therefore, it is essential for your child to be consistent with time management. This can be done by communicating with them and providing the right tools for punctuality while at a young age.



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