10 Small Tattoo Ideas And Their Meanings

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10 Small Tattoo Ideas And Their Meanings

Nowadays everyone wishes to get themselves inked. Tattoos look super cute and every tattoo has its own meaning. Even though a tattoo adds a certain charm to your outfit it is more than a fashion statement or an accessory; it’s something very personal that will remain with you for all of eternity.  It could be anything under the sun, it might bring back certain memories or represent a belief you hold very close. If you want to get inked but are not sure what you want, here is a guide for tattoos and their meanings to ensure you make the most suited choice.

  • Semi-Colon


In a sentence, a semi-colon indicates a pause, but not an end. A semi colon tattoo represents setbacks you might have faced but never succumbed to them and chose to push forward.

  • Snowflake


Snowflakes have a deeper meaning than you fathom. No two snowflakes are ever the same, each features a distinctive design! This tattoo is ideal for someone who is devoid of pretence and takes pride in her own self, irrespective of how crazy and unique they are.

  • Mountain range


A mountain range is one of the strongest forces of nature. Strong and breathtaking, their peaks reach unimaginable heights. A mountain range tattoo ideally stands for strength and stability. It represents ambition without forgetting where your roots are.

  • Inguz


An Inguz is a Greek symbol. It symbolises the belief of “where there is a will there is a way.” It’s highly inspirational and a daily reminder of nothing is impossible if you truly set your mind to it.

  • Viking symbol “create your own reality”


The Vikings were a very well known ancient tribe. This minimalistic tattoo represents “create your own reality.  It traces back to the signs and symbols used by the Norse Vikings, which gives it a cool edge.

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  • Malin


This is a Swedish symbol which traces back to the ancient times. This symbol represents that you have to face setbacks in order to move on.  This small tattoo is a constant reminder that failure just means you try harder the next time and not give up.

  • Compass


A long time ago, sailors would get compass tattoos as a ray of hope that they will one day find their way back home. A compass tattoo represents protection, security and direction.  Just like a compass helps you stay on the right track, a compass tattoo is a reminder that eventually you will find your path and not be lost forever.

  • Triquetra or the trinity knot


A triqutera or trinity knot is a symmetrical design which dates back to the Celtics. This symbol has a plethora of meanings and symbolisation.  For some a trinity knot symbolises the three units of family, that is, father, mother and child. For others,it represents air, water and fire, the three natural force. The most basic meaning of the trinity knot is the connection of the spirit to the mind and body.

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  • Angel wings


Angel wings are one of the most beautiful and significant tattoos. Angel wings represent guidance or if you have lost someone close to you it can represent that person looking over you. Wings also stand for flight and freedom and the fact that you belong to yourself and no one owns you.

  • Mandala


Mandalas mean different things to different people. They are a form of meditation and help you to calm your inner self. A Mandala tattoo stands for inner peace and beauty. They also sometimes symbolise a higher consciousness.

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