10 Effective Vastu Tips For A Spicy Sex Life

Less stress, more sex!

If your sex life has not been going well for some time, then check the vastu of your bedroom. Arrange the bedroom according to Vastu, and you will be mentally happy and the relationship with your partner will be stronger. Read more to find out how to improve your sex life with vastu.

  • Your bed should be wooden. Avoid the use of metal beds because they will lead to problems with your spouse.
  • Keeping your head in the north direction affects not only sex life but also health related problems. Fatigue will also be felt after sex. The main reason for this is magnetic waves that affect us.
  • Having your head towards the south will increase your enjoyment of sex.

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  • Keeping your head towards the west will lead to a normal sex life is normal and good sleep.
  • Having your head in the east will result in one of the two partners being passive, while the second will be frustrated.
  • The bed should support the wall, it relieves the relationship.

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  • One more thing to be sure is that there is no window on the wall supporting your bed, this increases the possibility of extramarital affairs because the wall support goes away.
  • Similarly, the direction of the door should not be towards the southwest.
  • The mirror in the bedroom should never face the bed, because its reflection disturbs sleep and will also affect your daily routine and life, including sex.
  • There should not be a temple in the bedroom. If we keep sacred things in the bedroom, it will have a bad effect. If someone has a single room, then they can keep a wooden temple and cover it with curtains.

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